Your Website – Form v Function

Creative Website Design

Everyone wants the perfect website that gives the customer all the information relevant to the business, rates well in Google search rankings and looks lovely. But it is often the case that the focus tends to end up on either the form of the website or the function – what it looks like or what it does. So is it possible to strike the balance of both or are they always in combat with one another?

Balancing act

Experts in SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, will tell a business owner that their website needs around 200 words of text on a page to be able to rank well in a search engine search. But these words need to achieve a sense of harmony, rather than being packed with keywords relating to the business. Others aim for 300 words and make sure that there are relevant links to other pages as these have a big impact on the credibility of the site. Add to that the importance of a mobile version of the site following Google’s mobile search update and the art of construction a website is far from just looking pretty.

Yet one example of an award-winning website is that of The Guardian newspaper and while they ring all the bells for content, obviously, they also aim high in the attractive stakes. Their website offers a great example of all the relevant information, lots of high quality imagery and a design that a complete internet novice (if there is such a thing) could use instantly.

Fine tuning

For many businesses, spending the money to end up with a website like The Guardian’s isn’t practical – it just won’t balance out in the long run. But hiring a web design professional to fine tune an existing website can yield big results and they will likely apply a few secrets to do so.

Firstly, make sure that nothing gets lost in the transition. You may have a brilliant article written about your business from six months ago that you want to ensure is still accessible on the new site. This means that redirects are needed and should be up to date and working.

Another element that adds to both form and function are videos and images. These bring in a surprising amount of traffic to any site and also keep them there. If you can create your own videos to be included on the site, that’s great but if there isn’t the scope for it then relevant and good quality videos from elsewhere will add to your site.

Adding something called Alt Text to images is another way to combine function and form – the images look fantastic and the alt text contributes to the SEO of the website, without being too in your face.

As with most things on the internet, there is no winning way to guarantee results and to get the best possible ones, many people utilise a professional web designer. After all, there are so many elements to remember that unless you are doing it all every day, it’s impossible. But with a few little adjustments and a good strategy, it is possible to get good form and good function all in one website.