Environment Matters

Creative Environmet

Few would argue that we need to take care of our wonderful planet. As well as the moral responsibility, it’s in our own interests to tend to our global environment. But the spaces we occupy on a daily basis also play an important role in our quality of life.

Any creativity coach or mentor would tell you this is especially so when it comes to our personal environments of home, office or studio, if you’re an artist or creative professional – reliant on inducing that ever-elusive muse. So, for more ease, fulfillment and enjoyment in your creative projects, it’s worth turning your attention to the place where you generate your unique brand of genius: your workspace.

Our work environments affect our energy, our moods and our access to inspiration. So here are a few ways to design a space that supports your creative spirit.

To stay encouraged…

Decorate your walls or desk with uplifting messages or creativity quotes. Choose the ones that most resonate with you – the words of wisdom that make you want to create your greatest work. Make sure you have these where you’ll see them regularly. It’s not essential to see them all day, every day, but have them dotted around your workspace so that encouraging words can catch your eye with a welcome confidence boost during the inevitable creative wobbles.

To stay inspired…

Surround yourself with encouraging wisdom from like-minded people, particularly those you admire. Devote a shelf to books on success, creativity, art, design, fashion, photography, architecture – whichever arena you find most inspiring. Have pictures of your heroes and heroines on the wall or keep their memoirs or biographies close to hand. Just catching a glimpse of these can trigger the emotions that draw you to them. This reignites that creative spark, the side of you that aspires to their greatness.

To stay energised…

Keep your workspace free of distracting clutter. Although artists and creatives are often happy to be surrounded by mountains of books, papers, paintings or objects that intrigue or inspire, too much clutter can prevent innovation and fresh thought. Ensure that everything in your environment uplifts your energy and mood. Pockets of junk, debris, litter etc… are not inspiring and can actually have a depressing effect – whether consciously or subconsciously. Keep your work materials limited to your current projects; yesterday’s work won’t help you move forward and material for future projects could prevent you from focussing on the task in hand. Enjoy as much ‘creative chaos’ as makes you feel good, but be selective. Monitor your workspace and ensure that there’s plenty of space for new and wonderful ideas, projects and experiences to enter in.

To stay focused…

Devise a clear and concise statement or vision board of your creative goals. Artists and creatives are often inspired to explore many varied ideas and possibilities, but this can sometimes lead to scattered attention and lack of tangible results. Keeping a strong visual reminder in a prominent place can really help you stay with the project you need to focus on.

The creative life can be as challenging as it is rewarding, so any encouragement, inspiration, energy and focus will create a stronger foundation for your work. With a little attention, awareness and a few simple habits, you can ensure that your workspace supports you and your creative life, not only in terms of productivity, but in terms of wellbeing and happiness, too.