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Advertising on Social Media – Your Options

Creative Social Media Marketing

Social media is undoubtedly an unstoppable force. From the emergence of Facebook a decade ago it seems that the way we communicate has changed entirely.

This change has also had an indelible impact upon the ways in which businesses interact with their customer base and market to those who are yet to become customers.

5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Design Agency

Creative Design Agency

When looking for a design agency, be it for web design, print design or anything in-between, it can be all too easy to become intimidated by the sheer choice, with each design or digital agency undoubtedly offering something that sounds attractive.

Whilst there may be many things that you may be looking for in a design company, you should also pay attention as to what to avoid. Here’s our run down of the top five signs of a design agency that is to be avoided.

Your Website – Form v Function

Creative Website Design

Everyone wants the perfect website that gives the customer all the information relevant to the business, rates well in Google search rankings and looks lovely. But it is often the case that the focus tends to end up on either the form of the website or the function – what it looks like or what it does. So is it possible to strike the balance of both or are they always in combat with one another?