5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Design Agency

Creative Design Agency

When looking for a design agency, be it for web design, print design or anything in-between, it can be all too easy to become intimidated by the sheer choice, with each design or digital agency undoubtedly offering something that sounds attractive.

Whilst there may be many things that you may be looking for in a design company, you should also pay attention as to what to avoid. Here’s our run down of the top five signs of a design agency that is to be avoided.

1. Poor past client reviews

You may have seen numerous glowing testimonials from previous clients on the design agency’s website, but how do you know whether they’re authentic? Well thankfully today consumers are more ready and willing than ever to complain to the world about a poor service.

This means that you can simply Google a design agency’s name, along with the word ‘Reviews’ to check out their customers’ thoughts. One tip however: some unscrupulous design agencies use their own website to conquer the Google ranks for their name + “Reviews” so don’t take these as genuine (although they may well be).

2. Cheap as chips service

So you’ve found a design agency, their portfolio looks amazing and the prices are too good to be true. In fact, you wonder how they even make a profit with services priced as low as they are. In this instance the old adage of “if it looks too good to be true…” is never more apt. If you pay for a cheap service then we’re afraid to say that you should expect equally as cheap design quality.

3. Services free from small print

Is your potential design agency unwilling to set out in a contract what you’re to receive? Or conversely, is the contract that they’ve prepared seemingly free from detail of exactly what they are to deliver? If so then you must consider your legal standing should it all go wrong. Contracts such as these will undoubtedly protect the service provider over the buyer.

4. Attentiveness

From your first call or email to a design agency you should feel that you’re receiving their absolute attention. If they sound disinterested then it may be because they are and design agencies such as these simply shouldn’t be in business.

5. Out with the outsourcers

This last point, whilst the most important thing to avoid, also serves as one of the most difficult to establish. Many design agencies will outsource their work, with some using overseas services that are all rather lacklustre and below par.

This becomes ever more an issue when seeking a website as very often you won’t find out about coding issues until it’s all too late.

You can however take steps to avoid this situation, with our first point of design agency reputation becoming ever more important. You can additionally ask the design agency directly whether they outsource, you may well be able to tell from their reaction as to whether they do or not.

Choosing a good creative design agency for your web project shouldn’t be a scary process, even if your digital media knowledge isn’t as strong as you’d like. One of the key things is that your agency ‘gets you’ and what you want to achieve. So if you feel like they understand you, you like what they’ve done and you generally have a good feeling about working with them, then that’s usually a good sign that things will work out the way you want them to.