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The Wrong Environment

Okay, so you might have gathered that we think the environment you’re in is important when it comes to creativity – we talked about it in more detail in this article.

Just to persuade you that we know what we’re talking about, here’s a little science behind what we’ve been saying.

A Creative Environment

There are all sorts of factors that can help or hinder creativity. No matter what it is that you’re trying to bring to life, whether digital or tangible, your environment can have a huge impact on your creativity.

Here’s a great video that explains how important the right environment can be, and some ideas on how you can create it.

Environment Matters


Few would argue that we need to take care of our wonderful planet. As well as the moral responsibility, it’s in our own interests to tend to our global environment. But the spaces we occupy on a daily basis also play an important role in our quality of life.

Any coach or mentor would tell you this is especially so when it comes to our personal environments of home, office or studio, if you’re an artist or creative professional – reliant on inducing that ever-elusive muse. So, for more ease, fulfillment and enjoyment in your creative projects, it’s worth turning your attention to the place where you generate your unique brand of genius: your workspace.

Our work environments affect our energy, our moods and our access to inspiration. So here are a few ways to design a space that supports your creative spirit. (more…)

Advertising on Social Media – Your Options

Social Media Marketing Image

Social media is undoubtedly an unstoppable force. From the emergence of Facebook a decade ago it seems that the way we communicate has changed entirely.

This change has also had an indelible impact upon the ways in which businesses interact with their customer base and market to those who are yet to become customers.

Social Media Advertising & Search Engine Optimisation

Not only will social media become an increasingly important way of marketing, but moreover it is also essential for search engine optimisation. In short, for your website’s Google ranking it is today important that your business has a social media presence, tomorrow however it may be vital. One company that ‘gets it’ is is Messapps (, which you can tell by just looking at their Facebook and Twitter pages, so hear are few things other companies could learn. (more…)

5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Design Agency


When looking for a design agency, be it for web design, print design or anything in-between, it can be all too easy to become intimidated by the sheer choice, with each design or digital agency undoubtedly offering something that sounds attractive.

Whilst there may be many things that you may be looking for in a design company, you should also pay attention as to what to avoid. Here’s our run down of the top five signs of a design agency that is to be avoided.

1. Poor past client reviews

You may have seen numerous glowing testimonials from previous clients on the design agency’s website, but how do you know whether they’re authentic? Well thankfully today consumers are more ready and willing than ever to complain to the world about a poor service. (more…)

Your Website – Form v Function


Everyone wants the perfect website that gives the customer all the information relevant to the business, rates well in Google search rankings and looks lovely. But it is often the case that the focus tends to end up on either the form of the website or the function – what it looks like or what it does. So is it possible to strike the balance of both or are they always in combat with one another? We spoke to The Grapefruit to find out.

Balancing act

Experts in SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, will tell a business owner that their website needs around 200 words of text on a page to be able to rank well in a search engine search. But these words need to achieve a sense of harmony, rather than being packed with keywords relating to the business. Others aim for 300 words and make sure that there are relevant links to other pages as these have a big impact on the credibility of the site. Add to that the importance of a mobile version of the site following Google’s mobile search update and the art of construction a website is far from just looking pretty. (more…)